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The Streets of Cairo Poet, a Raiders Collectors Package




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Herbert Johnson is delighted to offer an exclusive Special Edition Raiders Poet Collectors Package to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Paramount Pictures feature film, Raiders of the Lost Ark. In honour of the brand's rich history with the Indiana Jones franchise, welcome everyone to The Streets of Cairo.

Not to be missed, this exclusive package includes:

  • Innovative and all-new Herbert Johnson hat box
  • The Streets of Cairo Poet
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Limited Edition Collectors Key Ring
  • Discount Voucher for your next purchase.


Dedicated to Mr. Richard A. Swales.




The Streets of Cairo Poet

  • Felt: Deep Sable pure rabbit fur felt
  • Brim: Dimensional flanged brim
  • Ribbon: 1½ inch dark brown vintage galloon ribbon-band with screen accurate Raiders bow style (Ribbon still produced on the same looms that made the original screen hats ribbon).
  • Interior: Branded Champagne liner & soft leather sweatband with all gold brand embossing and the initials 'I J'
  • Bash: Hand-shaped Raiders Cairo style (with Raiders-Turn put in)
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • All new innovative designed branded hat box with carry handles and which cleverly can fold flat

Certificate of Authenticity Discount Voucher

  • A5 or half-letter and suitable for framing, this certificate is signed by Herbert Johnson's Master Hatter.

Limited Edition Collectors Key Ring

  • Finished in Havana bridle leather courtesy of Swaine Adeney Brigg.

Discount Voucher

  • Non-transferable discount voucher for your next purchase with Herbert Johnson.
  • Valid for 12 months of original purchase date.

This product will be handcrafted to order by the specialist hatting team at Herbert Johnson. To ensure adornment as soon as humanly possible, please email enquiries-hj@herbert-johnson.co.uk to check the current lead time for this product.

All Poet hats are created on straight-sided graduated blocks scaled up and down proportionally from an average open crown height of 5½ inches at a size 59cm. This ensures that no matter what size you order, the proportions of the hat remain in balance. Made with the men's left-sided bow as standard as in this display option.


Place the string or tape around your head above your ear and across the mid-forehead, completely circling your head. Hold the tape firmly, but not too tightly. Measure your head exactly where you want the hat to sit. Measure in centimetres. If your measurement falls between sizes, round up to the nearest centimetre. It may help to either do this in the mirror or have someone to help for accuracy.


All hats are completely bespoke and handcrafted to order from only the finest sustainably sourced materials at Herbert Johnson. Working closely with fur felt hood suppliers in Portugal, choosing only the highest quality fur felt which is ordered to exacting specifications. All felts are pre-shrunk during the blocking stage to avoid later shrinking as much as possible. Rabbit fur felt is pounced to a smooth finish and coated with a protector to prolong its resistance to the elements. Not as dense as beaver fur felts, it makes for a very fine quality fur felt hat. Finished with a true grosgrain 'Indy' ribbon, it is screen accurate to the original film hats, still produced to the original specifications and using the very same machines.

The 2020 Deep Sable Rabbit Fur Felt has been redesigned, as a result of the ongoing research and development mission, to bring you the very finest and most historically accurate products possible. The felt has been matched for colour, weight and density, with a collection of pristine Poets made by the hatter Mr. Richard Swales himself back in the 1980s. This new felt brings you closer than ever before to the original felt, the perfect combination of quality, longevity and floppiness.

Lead Times

It is important to note that lead times on orders vary, depending on the current volume of orders being placed. When new orders are received they are entered into a making schedule, and when ready to be processed, an order usually takes around 10 working days to be made by the dedicated hatters at Herbert Johnson. If your order is time-sensitive, please inform the hatting workshop directly and they shall strive to accommodate.

Handcrafted hats have a wait time of 8-12 weeks at the moment, but please be aware that this can be subject to change. Bespoke orders vary depending on what materials and supplies are to be specially sourced and ordered to fulfil the order.

If you would like to enquire about The Streets of Cairo Poet or any of the wonderful variety of headwear from Herbert Johnson, please contact the hatting workshop directly via workshop@herbert-johnson.co.uk

We calculate delivery costs based on the weight of each product and country which the item is to be posted