His Dark Materials

The Herbert Johnson Team were delighted to see Mr Lin Manuel Miranda wearing the bespoke hats we handcrafted for him as excitement in the media builds ahead of the season 1 premiere of 'His Dark Materials' coming to the BBC & HBO.

In this greatly anticipated show, Lin Manuel Miranda steps into the role of 'Lee Scoresby', the adventuring aeronaut who helps Lyra on her journey.

We were commissioned to create several copies of this bespoke Scoresby hat design to be worn by Mr Miranda and his stunt team for the filming of the series.


radio times scoresby  Miranda tweet scoresby

The Radio Times Magazine (2 Nov 2019) Lin Manuel Miranda wears his 'Scoresby' hat on the cover.

Mr Miranda tweets 'Went to wardrobe, caught Will & Lyra trying on all Lee Scoresby's hats' (26 Sept 2019).

irish daily mail scoresby  scresby hester

Featured in the Irish Daily Mail (26 October 2019) article.