We recommend that all our customers have their head size professionally measured in our London shop or take this measurement themselves at home.  Please do not simply order your Herbert Johnson hat in the size you may be accustomed to wearing for other brands, as we cannot guarantee the accuracy of other brands hat sizes.  Please always ensure you order the correct size by following the instructions below.

Measuring Guide

For hats, simply place a string or flexible measuring tape around your head just above your ear and across the mid-forehead, completely circling your head.  Hold the tape firmly, but not too tightly.  Measure your head exactly where you want the hat to sit on your head.  Always measure in centimetres as converting between different measuring systems can often cause inaccuracies.  If your measurement in cm's falls between sizes, round up to the nearest half centimetre. It may help to either do this in the mirror or have a friend to help for accuracy.  It is advisable to repeat this process to ensure your measuring technique is yielding accurate results.  Follow our Illustrated guide above or click here to download it for further information : How To Guide.

To get the perfect fit, we suggest ordering your hat in the nearest half size up and then send your order reference number with your exact head measurement to 2 decimal places to enquiries-hj@herbert-johnson.co.uk and we will craft your hat to fit.  If you are in any way unsure of which size you should order, please contact us via the above email address for advice.

UPDATE - Please be aware that as of June 2023, we will only be offering a reduced core range of standard hat styles and sizes.  Whole sizes only from 57cm - 61cm will be available to pre-order on our websites.  Please order the best available size from our website or contact our team to be added to our waiting list for other styles/sizes/felt options when available.  Thank you.

For hats in our Traditional Collection including top hats, bowler hats and equestrian hats, please visit our Traditional Collection page or contact ian@herbert-johnson.co.uk for more information.