Herbert Johnson’s specialist hatting workshops in England,
continue to handcraft Civilian, Traditional & Military headwear beyond reproach.

Using the same methods and techniques employed since the company's inception in 1889.
Proud providers of bespoke headwear for the individual and enjoying a rich, successful and continuing relationship with the worlds of Royalty, Theatre and Film.

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handcrafted with

integrity and quality

The Herbert Johnson teams of artisans are made up of our highly skilled and specialist hatters who work in our various workshops throughout the country. Our primary Civilian Hatting workshop is newly moved to Cambridge and our Military & Traditional headwear workshop is in London.

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The Swaine brands enjoy a rich history and heritage both individually and collectively. With such an extensive variety of skills in custom handcrafting within one group and a long ongoing tradition of collaborations and custom commissions for film, VIP's and royalty, we have garnered a great deal of media attention. browse our blog articles below for more information.

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