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Now available in rabbit fur felt, closer to the original than ever before, clients are encouraged to order the highly anticipated Seaplane Poet today.
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Herbert Johnson’s specialist hatting workshop in Cambridge, England, continues to produce headwear beyond reproach, using the same methods and techniques employed since the company's Inception in 1889.

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See what our customers have said about us & our products...

F.H. (UK)

I collected my Raiders Rabbit Poet today and I'm so happy with it! It fits perfectly and it's so comfortable. The customer service was excellent and watching my bespoke Poet being made via photos by email was really fun to watch! In addition, all of the staff were really friendly and helpful....

D.C. (USA)

The Herbert Johnson 'Indiana Jones' Poet Hat Fedora is the work of a kind, attentive, and meticulous master Hatter to make an accurate and quality Indy fedora to offer the true Indy fan. There is no other fedora on the market today that comes as close to the original Raider's hat than this historic piece. I am extremely pleased with the work of Herbert Johnson and I recommend this timeless company to all with highest praise.

J.U. (Norway)

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with my Poet! It’s just perfect! I’ve had the opportunity to use it a bit now, and I love everything about it. I love the colour and I love the shape - the brim, the pinch, the boxy crown... The felt is just gorgeous, and it holds up beautifully in nasty weather, as well. I had both rain, sleet and snow on this trip- no problem. The only problem with this hat is that it’s going to keep my other hats in the closet;-) My Raiders Poet is the hat I’ll grab every time! Thank you so very much for making such a beautiful hat for me!

A.B. (USA)

I LOVE THE HAT!!!!!! I REALLY, REALLY LIKE IT. Worth the wait and every penny!!!! My wife likes it too, so on our next trip to London, we're going to visit the Piccadilly store to select a hat for her too. Thank you so much for making this wonderful Herbert Johnson fedora. You have been wonderful to work with. The quality of the hat and superior customer service could not be better. Thank you VERY MUCH. You have another happy HJ customer!

J.P. (Canada)

The craftsmanship is the best I've seen in a long time. Herbert Johnson customer service is stellar; much better than any other one-man hatter operation. The Civilian Hatting Dept. Manager & Master Hatter, Michelle Poyer-Sleeman, is a joy to deal with as she answered all my E-mails quickly and even provided me pictures of my hat during the hat making process. I must tip my hat to her and offer my sincerest thanks for making my hat so well! This hat will be my daily go-to hat from now on and it is worth every penny!

J.D.W. (USA)

A very well-made hat, possibly the most comfortable one I've ever owned... Impeccable craftmanship, wonderful materials, and (at least for the moment) a shockingly fast turn-around time.

M.F. (UK)

I'm totally in love with my new hat, it fits beautifully and looks amazing. I'd be happy to order one in every colour please! (If funds allowed) I've already received compliments on it and a few turned heads. I now feel I want to save the world from cheap hats.... My next hat will definately come from you guys.

P.P. (Canada)

Beautiful! Exceeds my expectations. I absolutely love my hat. Your service, craftsmanship and dedication to an art which I fear is dwindling is impeccable. I look forward to the next opportunity I have to visit your shop, and to my next hat! You have truly outdone yourselves.

R.A. (Hong Kong)

It arrived early! Safe, sound perfect fit and fabulous! Thank you so much. This 2018 Herbert Johnson Indy fedora has just arrived and has become an immediate favourite. Happy to report that Dr Jones's go-to fedora is truely back as it should be!

J.T. (Spain)

I just received now the new beaver ... I have no words .... it's perfect, beautiful ... I'm very grateful and I feel very happy. ... ohhhh yes .... with the initials J.T.'s perfect !!! if you can send me your creations different from the Indi ... in colors and models ..... I love you very much, you are a super professional, a good friend whom I adore.

M.S. (Canada)

The hat fits PERFECTLY. And wow does it look incredible in person. But even more than how it looks, I'm most surprised at just how good it feels. I've worn plenty of hats in my time. This hat feels completely different. This hat is on another level. This hat doesn't just make you look like a hero. It makes you feel like one too. ...Did I mention that I love this hat? Because I love this hat. Thanks again Michelle! Proud to wear your work.

A.B. (UK)

...I wanted to say more than a simple thank you. In fact I'd just like to say not only is your excellent advice comprehensive and easy to understand, but goes way beyond what I'd expected. To call this customers service, is to do you a disservice. If only all companies took such time and made such an effort. But then again, not all are Herbert Johnson and that's probably why your hats are so much more than head-wear. Personally, I think of them as wearable works of art.

P.B. (UK)

I have my hat!!! Oh my God, it's so beautiful. That wide ribbon totally works with the dimensions of the hat. The whisky colour was definitely the right choice. I've given the brim a slanted snap like my other hat and it really works with the beaver felt. Well done for twisting my arm with regards to a twisted knot and flash of black; it looks so unique and eye-catching. I'll send you some photographs soon.

T.T. (Norway)

..I was very excited to open the box. What I found was just marvelous. My own Indy-hat. It looks perfect... And I put it on, and it fit. Like the proverbial glove. It's like it was custom made for me. Oh, wait - it was! ...The hat feels and looks like a high-quality luxury item... I love everything about it. Even the smell. The lining on the inside. The label. The I.J. in gold foil. The ribbon, the bow. The texture, the feel, the shape & the look. It simply could not have been better. Thank you very much for making my dream come true. I love the hat. I wore it all evening (inside), walking past the mirror several times. You are the best!!!

J.A.P.P. (Canada)

12 years ago I was a student visiting London. I had a wander around town and found myself... at Herbert Johnson hat maker's shop and I was welcomed in. They let me try on The Indy Poet and I said that one day I'd like to come back to Herbert Johnson and buy "The" Hat. I left having finally seen the iconic hat that was cemented into my childhood. 12 years later my wife and I had the singular experience of walking into your store and placing an order for the real thing. Cheers and thanks!

L.H. (Germany)

My beautiful Clipper is made by my favourite "Lady of Hats". As I said, I like craftsmanship and good style. I'm looking forward for another order and hearing from you.

J.V. (USA)

Mel (customer services) and company really worked hard to make sure I was happy with my Raiders reboot in beaver. Thanks!

J.D. (USA)

I just received my Indy Poet in beaver felt and I have to say it is even better than I expected. High quality workmanship and it looks great. Great job by the Herbert Johnson Hatters! I highly recommend.

T.B. (UK)

When I approached HJ to quote to supply an exact replica 4th Dr Who Poet, I received exceptional kindness and service. Highly Recommended.

D.G. (USA)

Thank you @herbertjohnsonhatters for making me look good!

D. M. (UK)

The hat looks fantastic, it's putting on the Ritz, thanks Michelle, good job!

H.M. (UK)

I picked up the (bespoke custom reproduction) trilby yesterday and wanted to say that it looks immaculate: thank you so much. It really is just what I wanted. Thank you very much again for being so incredibly helpful.


I recommend Herbert Johnson Hatters. 5 Stars

C.M. (UK)

I have just collected by lovely “birthday” hat and could not be more delighted. Please thank everyone involved in its creation.

B.R. (UK)

Thanks so much for my fabulous Indy Hat! It is the best hat I ever owned. Thanks also for my birthday wishes!

C.B. (UK)

I recommend Herbert Johnson Hatters. 5 Stars

L.M.G. (UK)

Good company to deal with, very prompt communications.

J.D.N. (USA)

Just received my sable Poet Indy and it is impeccable! Great fit! Great hat! So, I just ordered the Grey Clipper Indy hat!

G.F. (Italy)

I recommend Herbert Johnson Hatters. 5 Stars

D.O. (USA)

I have received my hat and am delighted by both the quality and aesthetics! Thank you for all your help. I look forward to enjoying this fine hat for many years to come.

S.R. (UK)

So I've finally bitten the bullet and bought myself a HerbertJohnsonHatters Tom Baker hat! I ordered it with less than 3 weeks to Gally, so they put it through on special order and I have it with plenty of time to spare! SUPERB SERVICE'

D.S. (UK)

Michelle Thanks!!!! The hats you have made are really great! I am very appreciative of your skills. They perfectly resemble the original, and I am very happy and more than a little intrigued as to how you have managed it.

T.B. (UK)

Can I just say a HUGE thank you for the season 13 Dr Who Fur Poet you made for me! It is staggeringly amazing!!! I'm so so pleased with it! THANK YOU!

D.M (UK)

I LOVE my new bespoke hat. Happy Christmas to all at HJ!


I just received my Poet - I LOVE IT! I'm certainly pleased 😌 Thank you for all of your hard work.

T.F. (LUX)

Thanks for making this wonderful hat! I picked up my marvelous hat in London before Christmas, absolutely the hat I have envisioned for the last 7 years, thanks a lot. I have to get some more space back home so I could order more ;)

R.R.B. (USA)

The hat arrived today! I could not be happier! What a wonderful product. I'd like to get another one next year when we're over there. Thanks so much for your wonderful service. I appreciate your kindness and attention.

N.L. (UK)

I just wanted to say thank you for the magnificent Hat, which l have collected, and over which l am gloating. You deserve sainthood for such a creation.  The Hat is a stunning example of your craft.  I must buy you a drink to celebrate its creation one day!


You just made my Raider's Beaver Poet a little over a month ago for me! Loving the hat and get all sorts of compliments on it. I wear it everyday! You did a truly splendid job on my poet!

J.S. (USA)

Awesome work, I cannot be happier!! I love it and will be ordering another very soon! Beautiful Craftsmanship.

T.R. (UK)

You guys rock! What makes you special is you understand why we all come to The Original Herbert Johnson Hatters for our Raiders Poet. Others make copies, you make the real thing! On your next adventure wear The Hat, not just a hat! Fortune & Glory!

J.D. (USA)

I LOVE getting the #MakingPhotos! It really gives the process such a personal touch. I have to say, even though only maybe half-way through the process, the customer service from yourself, Herbert Johnson and the folks at the shop have been top notch. You have yourself a lifelong client and I haven't even put the hat on yet!

M.U. (USA)

I happily received my Raiders hat yesterday. I now think of you as an artist as well as a hat maker. I knew it would be a splended hat - but I am absolutely AMAZED at how nice and sturdy this beaver felt feels. It almost has the consistency of a strong suede - only more durable and built to last! I love it. Thank you so much for your craft and kind attention to this prize.

N.S. (USA)

My hat arrived just about a week ago and it is absolutely fantastic! I have worn it everyday since receiving it, and the sizing, block, and bash are all superb. As a life long Indy fan, it is an honor to wear a Herbert Johnson. Many, many thanks for all of your assistance throughout the creation process, it has truly been a pleasure! My Instagram will be full of photos of me and my new Adventure Poet! Fortune and glory!

J.H.H. (USA)

I just received my custom Raiders Beaver Poet and it is a stunning work of craftsmanship, absolutely marvelous! Proving thus, that real fashion has not disappeared for men, we simply have to look for it, and here, with HJ, you need not look any further to cover your head with superb style. Thank you HJ, I couldn't be more pleased! I most certainly will be ordering another quality hat from you in the near future.

L.J. (UK)

Herbert Johnson make exquisite hats and their service is astounding. I can't recommend them enough.


My Last Crusade Poet just arrived! Great job! It's time for adventures! Thanks a lot!

D.S. (USA)

Great customer service and the products are amazing quality!

T.H. (Germany)

Just wanted to thank you for the hat. It fits perfectly and I love it. Appreciate your effort and communication.

C.B. ( )

I love the Indy Poet! Perfect fit and exceeded my already high expectations. Thank you for your incredible work! I so appreciate your service and my customer experience. I will be a great repeat customer ;)

S.P. (USA)

My cosplay really came together with this hat. I can't explain how much I love this hat! It's gone across the Atlantic 4 times! Across the entire US and up and down the west coast more times than I can count! Thank you so much!

J.D. (USA)

I just sent you some pics of me in my Clipper and Last Crusade hats in the wild. I absolutely LOVE these hats and the energy they bring. Thank you so such wonderful pieces and I look forward to many more adventures!

J.O. (USA)

...I would like to simply say that I am very impressed, pleased and thankful for the professionalism and treatment I have received from this purchase. It is something that seems to be somewhat of a lost art here in the United States.

J.S. (UK)

Finally got the chance to head out and get a few photos in my new hat and the rest of my Indy outfit. With the weather being so beautiful today it was very handy to shield my eyes from the sun, so not only is the hat gorgeous but a 10/10 functionality wise too!

M.C. (USA)

Thank you very much for everything that Herbert Johnson has done working with my order. I appreciate the dedication and hard work from you all. I cannot wait to wear this hat!

G.B. (SVK)

I've just received it...I have got it on my head right fits me perfectly and it is just wonderful..wonderful..wonderful. Thank you very much....very good job!

L.R. (USA)

My 'Last Crusade Poet' by HJ is as gorgeous as legendary! The HJ team did a wonderful work, with an awesome quality. I really want to thanks them for their work and their kindness. A real pleasure to deal with them.

E.M.D (UK)

Just to let you know I've received the hat (Clipper Rabbit Poet) and it's fantastic, thank you.


I received my Indy Poet, and I love it! A great hat that looks exactly like those from the films! Thank you.

P.W. (USA)

I received my second fedora several weeks ago and just wanted to let you know that it is absolutely fantastic. I am absolutely thrilled with both my fedoras. Thanks again.

T.A. (USA)

What an Absolutely Beautiful HAT!! Holy Moly I love it... I made a video bout your hat. It is an amazing hat and an absolute perfect fit......geeeeeeeeee Wow....What a hat!

D.S. (UK)

We love our bespoke hats and get compliments everywhere we go. Make a statement, wear a hat!

C.H. (UK)

Thank you for putting so much time and care into making my hat!

F.R. (USA)

I cannot recommend the bespoke process enough. It feels amazing to be a part of this art!

N.D. (UK)

Thanks for the amazing hat, absolutely perfect!

J.M. (USA)

Just wanted to let you know THE HAT arrived the other day. Looks absolutely fantastic in real life. Fits perfectly, the best fitting hat of my collection. It clearly moves to the front of the line with regard to my other hats. Did a great job, so pleased I chose to 'check out' HJ. Thank you.

A.S. (USA)

A couple months ago I purchased a Deep Sable Indy Hat. I absolutely love it. The moment I took it out of the box, I knew it was THE definitive Indy Hat. I'm sure over the years I'll own several of them. Maybe even one of each? Keep up the fantastic work!

N.S. (USA)

I noticed on social media that more and more Adventure Poets are now featuring the purple and olive liners. They truly are spectacular! The few times a day where I actually take the hat off, I always stop to admire it. This may be the first hat I have ever owned where the inside is as stunning as the outside! My friend, if you set the bar any higher we will need a rocket ship to get to it.

T.L. (USA)

My bespoke hat arrived and its simply fantastic. I am absolutely delighted with it. Put simply, it's perfect. The fit is exquisite. It is very comfortable and a pleasure to wear. The felt is wonderful, the feel, look, the weight of it, all just right. The proportions are perfect for me: from crown to brim. I have owned many hats in my lifetime, I've always loved hats - this hat, though, is matchless! If the house were on fire, this is that hat I'd grab as I crawled out the door! Thank you, Thank you for your craftsmanship and artistry.

M.F. (UK)

Thank you for continuing to demonstrate what a thoroughly professional and efficient team you are. Your customer service and attention to detail is beyond reproach and a fine example to all. I have never known such outstanding and generous customer service in my life before. Seriously, you've made one veteran very happy indeed. This hat I will treasure. It's an absolute pleasure doing business with you.

N.S. (USA)

I am speechless, this hat truly “belongs in a museum.” I knew I would love it, but wow…just wow. Michelle, I know I have said it before, but it bears repeating: you truly put the “master” in master hatter. There are more distinctions between this and my Raiders Poet than I originally anticipated, which makes me love both even more. The richness in color on the Crusade is extraordinary, and you got the bash SPOT ON. I am running out of adjectives to express my love and appreciation for your creations. Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you! I have not taken it off since I received it, although I think I may have made some trouble for myself because it will be ten times more difficult deciding which one to wear!


At first, I would like to express my appreciation. When I came back to my apartment, I could find my hat from you. Of course, before that, I knew that it was delivered by your e-mail. After that, I was looking forward to seeing my hat. This is very beautiful! From tomorrow, I am going to wear this hat everyday. And this hat makes my life happy. I would like to express again I appreciate you and your staff. (I am Japanese and I am sorry my English is not better. In Japanese, the appreciation is expressed as "Arigatou gozaimasu" ありがとうございます.) I wish you and your staff continued success.


Just received my custom made Batman 89 Jack Nicholson Joker Hat, Wow what can I say, Over the moon with how it turned out, initially I reached out to Herbert Johnson seeking out their help to make me a movie accurate Joker Hat, and these guys blew me away with their enthusiasm to make me this iconic piece of movie history, very efficient and fast at replying when I had query's too, and always kept me updated on progress, an absolute pleasure to deal with, can't wait to get my Raiders Poet now, Thanks so much guys!

F.L.R. (USA)

I have a tremendous respect for artists, and that, truly, is what you do. Assembly lines can produce hats all day; you add flair and insight into your craft. That, coupled with your appreciation for the source material which inspired the hat* (*Bespoke Crowley hat from 'Good Omens'), made an accessory into art. Looks wonderful and I am excited to have my first custom piece look like something Crowley himself would have requested. Keep up the fine work.

J.U. (Norway)

Exactly 1 year ago today I got my HJ Raiders Beaver Poet in the mail. It has seen a lot of use (occasionally verging on abuse) in that time. It has seen sunshine, rain, sleet, snow and wind - sometimes all of the above in a single day. It has even been frozen stiff a couple of times, and it is still just perfect! Of course, I do take care of it by drying it carefully when wet and by reshaping it on occasion, but it hardly shows any signs of wear. I absolutely love this hat! Thank you so much for making it for me!


I received my new hat it's absolutely perfect. Your work is amazing. It fits perfectly. I can't even describe or put into words how I feel about this remarkable master piece. Thank you so very much for creating me such a phenomenal hat from such an iconic trilogy. Thank you again for everything.

M.P. (USA)

I just wanted to say thanks again for my amazing hat! I've had it for a few weeks now, and its rarely left my head. I'm now back home in the US, and everyone is fascinated by my new impressive headgear. Thank you again for your beautiful work!

C.P. (UK)

You made me a Raiders Poet last year. I absolutely love it! It is such a fantastic hat and I know that you take great pride in your craft! Thank you.

M.L. (USA)

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you SO much for your kind service and taking the time to help out with my inquiry! I have placed an order with you for a custom Raiders hat in beaver and I couldn't be more excited! So thank you again for being so amazing and courteous!

D.M. (UK)

I received my new fedora yesterday, very pleased with it as always. My Indy hat collection grows with my other two hats displayed in my mini museum. There will be one more hat I'll buy in the next year .thankyou for your help, I'll be back.

W.W. (USA)

I just wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for my HJ Raiders Poet hat. It is everything I had hoped for; fit, shape and color are exquisite. I'm sure to have many years wearing my beautiful HJ Raiders hat. Thanks again to you and the HJ staff for a beautiful creation!

D.W. (USA)

It is absolutely STUNNING! You are a true master of your craft and I cannot thank you enough. Beautiful.

J.T (UK)

My hat has arrived and I am truly delighted. I would be very grateful if you could pass on my thanks and congratulations to the person who made it. It is very distinguished.

Y.F. (Japan)

I received my hat last week and I was so moved because it was so Real and the fit was perfect. Thank you for the great hat.

M.P. (USA)

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my hat!! Its absolutely amazing and is already making a big impression! It made it safely to my Ship in Dover, and I'm definitely keeping it on my head as the Disney Magic sails this year!! Next stops for the Poet are Southampton, Reykjavik, Miami, Nassau, New York... As we say, it's not the years. It's the mileage. I can't thank you enough!

E.B. (UK)

My hat was delivered today. It's beautiful, worth every penny. Fits, I want to say like a glove, but it fits like a hat. A beautiful piece of work. May be too good for me.

S.S. (USA)

Just wanted to send a quick note to tell you that my hat arrived yesterday and it's PERFECT!!! Looks amazing and fits like a glove! Thanks so much to you and the team for doing such a fantastic job!

J.R. (USA)

Thank you, I will certainly be buying more hats from you in the very near future. You and your team have been wonderful!


Thank you again. A very satisfied customer!

L.S. (France)

I have received my hat yesterday and I am very happy about it. It fits perfectly with my expectations. Thank you again for your assistance as well as all Herbert Johnson team.

B.G. (USA)

My HJ Raiders Poet in Deep Sable Beaver arrived yesterday! You are the Queen/Goddess/Master of hatters!! I am just so beside myself. THANK YOU. I can't begin to describe how STUNNING this hat is in person. The finish on it is just next level and So soft. If you are AT ALL on the fence with picking up a Herbert Johnson fedora, let me just say, DO IT !

J.B. (USA)

I received my Seaplane Poet and Raiders Turn hats, and they are INCREDIBLE!! I am amazed how they turned out! I cannot thank you and everyone with Herbert Johnson for the wonderful experience of working with you. Thank you so much. Owning these two beauties has been something I've wanted my whole life, and you have made that a reality. I am totally amazed how great they look on me, how perfect the fit is, and it suits my face better than I expected!! Your work is impeccable, and the artistry and detail, and beautiful finished product is unlike anything I've seen. I (like many) consider you the best at what you do - you are truly talented!! From the bottom of my heart - thank you!!! I will treasure these hats and wear them for the rest of my life.

D.G. (USA)

I just wanted to let you know that I received my hat this evening...and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The quality of the hat is just OUTSTANDING! I wanted to make sure to send you an email to thank you for all of the assistance you gave me during the ordering/shipping process. Your customer service and friendliness in your responses was beyond impressive. Now that I've seen how amazing these hats are, I have my eye on another one, so I'm sure we'll be speaking again in the near future. And if I'm ever in London, I will certainly be stopping in to your shop in person.

J.R. (France)

The quality of a product can usually be measured by whether it fits you like a glove on the first try. It can also be measured by the fact that people around you, who usually don't like hats, look at you and tell you that it looks great. Some people say: "Manners maketh man" as well; in this case it is the hat that makes the gentleman. Thank you Herbert Johnson for your work.

B.R. (USA)

I received my beloved Raiders fedora yesterday, and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of the hard work you put into restoring it to its former glory. I really appreciate the care and dedication you put into it. It looks great!

M.R. (Serbia)

The Hat has arrived! And it is perfect! I would like to thank you for everything and let you know that it was my pleasure to buy from you. I will order another one next year. Thanks once again!

J.R. (France)

Hat well delivered, perfect fit and perfect work. Thank you again for allowing customers to be a part of the Indiana Jones adventures.

T.H. (USA)

Thank you for the amazing seaplane poet hat, incredible work. I love it!

T.V. (USA)

I received my hat today and it's amazing. Thank you so much for crafting such an amazing hat and for getting it to me by Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

D.E. (UK)

I have just received my Raiders Poet and WOW! It looks amazing, fits great and I am so pleased with it. You have done fantastic work on this, so I just wanted to say thank you very much!

J.A. (USA)

Thank you so much for getting back to me so promptly! I appreciate it. Your customer service has been astounding, and so much better than I had even hoped. Knowing that my order is being taken care of gives me great peace of mind.

J.B. (USA)

I can't wait to use the 'Special Edition hat boxes' for my Seaplane Beaver Poet and Raiders Deep Sable (turn) Poet. The boxes are beautiful!

L.C. (USA)

Thank you, we received the hat (Cairo 40th Anniversary Package). It is absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly. My husband is thrilled! Definitely worth the wait. Thanks again.

A.P. (UK)

It's arrived, and its FABULOUS!

M.B. (USA)

The 'Poet' has arrived and I am SO happy with what you created. I can't stop messing around with i, checking in the mirror, etc. Outstanding!

B.S. (USA)

Flat pack Special Edition Hat Box, just genius! Thank you for putting such thought into this, great idea, the simplicity of it is wonderful! Just simple elegance. Thank you.

L.R. (UK)

I have just opened the box and tried on the hats. Wow they are absolutely perfect. I honestly can not thank you for your great service enough. Please also thank the Hatter for me. They've done such a fantastic job. Thank you again for all your help.

R.C. (USA)

My fedora came today and I couldn't be more pleased!!! It looks and feels fantastic! Thank you so much!! The Herbert Johnson staff have been incredible!!!


The hat arrived, and I just wanted to say it fits absolutely perfectly. It's wonderful. Thanks so very much!

J.B. (USA)

Thank you, 10/10 customer care!

M.K. (USA)

The hat .... it's so beautiful and comfortable to wear. Thank you again for this incredibly special bespoke hat.

M.F. (UK)

Just received my refurbished hats they r absolutely perfect, thank you so much, more than pleased.

A.A. (USA)

My 40th Anniversary Cairo Poet Hat arrived today in excellent condition! So appreciate the care your team took to create my hat, and packaging it for the trip across the pond. And I must say, it looks smart on my noggin. I look forward to the day when I can visit London to thank you and the team there personally for a job well done.

A.S. (USA)

Thank you and the hatters at Herbert Johnson for my new fedora. It is now my absolute favorite that I have ever seen or worn. So lightweight, comfortable, and beautiful, it is perfect!!! It means a lot that someone took their time and art and made this with their own hands special, just for me. It arrived in time for me to enjoy during the holidays and that is deeply appreciated. The brim is outstanding, even better than my expectations and helps immensely with the bright snow. I look forward to buying many more HJ hats over the years.

J.C. (USA)

Just wanted to let you know I received my hat a few days ago and I absolutely love it!! It fits perfectly. Loose enough to not press into my skin but tight enough to stay on my head in the wind. For all the anticipation I've had over the last few months, it has definitely met and exceeded all expectations. I anticipate the hat gaining even more character as time passes. Thanks again for the fine craftsmanship. It is a gorgeous hat in every way!

J.S. (E.Africa)

...My Mother placed an order for this hat to be custom made for my birthday. It took a while for the felt to come in and the custom work to be done, but the wait was totally worth it! And your crew was great about keeping me updated. I have owned a lot of hats but this is the best quality hat I have ever put on. This hat is a gift I will treasure for a long time! It amazes me how well it fits, and how light and soft it is. Thank you for an amazing product!

M.P. (USA)

I just wanted to let you know that the wonderful Indiana Jones hat was delivered to me yesterday and I gave it to my son this evening. He was absolutely thrilled when he opened the package!!! This is the highest quality hat I have ever seen and he said that it is the “ best hat ever made “. I want to thank you for being so courteous and professional during this entire process! My son and I are so profoundly grateful.

A.K. (USA)

I received my hat today, thank you so much for all your prompt responses to my emails, I really appreciate it. As for the hat, I cannot be any happier with it. I love the darker look it has and the felt is so soft, smells good too :) it fits me perfectly and is extremely comfortable. At some point I would like to get a raiders beaver felt hat too. Thank you so much, and if you would please tell everyone involved in making my hat that I say thank you to them too, they did a fantastic job! Well worth the wait. Hope to do business with you again.

D.L. (USA)

Thank you so much, for going above and beyond. You don't know how much I appreciate this. This has made my day! Again, thank you so much for your awesomeness and keeping me informed.

G.S. (USA)

The hat arrived early. I couldn't be happier. YOU'RE AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND. Thank you for all your help, all of your advice, and all of your patience. I can't thank you enough!

C.H. (USA)

I received my hat today it's a perfect fit. Thank you.

S.B. (UK)

Very well made brush, fits nicely in the hat box. Thank you again for your excellent service.

R.S. (Hong Kong)

Masterpiece. Brilliant craftsmanship.

A.M. (USA)

I just wanted to let you know I received my Seaplane Poet yesterday and it's AMAZING! It's absolutely beautiful and the fit is perfect. Thanks again for both of my awesome hats as they will be cherished for a very long time.

J.B. (UK)

The refurbished hat has arrived. You have done a most remarkable job on a hat I thought to be beyond redemption. When my wife saw it she thought I had purchased a new one. Thank you so much. This was fantastic service. You must have another life as a magician.

C.E. (UK)

I received my hat today and just want to let you know how pleased I am with it, it's fantastic, please pass on my gratitude to everyone at Herbert Johnson for creating such a fantastic hat. Thank you very much.

P.C.T. (USA)

Just wanted to say that I received my Raiders Poet and I absolutely love it. Fits perfectly; probably my most comfortable hat yet. Quality is exquisite! Kudos to the hat makers. Thank you!

B. S. (Japan)

How DID you find such a perfect felt!!!!! This is brown, I swear to it! But then I see it outside and it's grey! It's spot on! Seriously impressive. I'd hoped for something that changeable! But this is way more than I expected! Thank you for your work! I'm blown away!

M.K. (USA)

I received my Raiders Poet earlier today. Let me tell you how absolutely beautiful this hat is. The fit... PERFECT. The lines, the stitching, the colors, the feel, etc. Thank you so much for creating this hat for me. It is beyond surreal. You've made something truly special for me. The time, care, and attention does not go unappreciated. I am beyond impressed! I will be placing another order tonight. Thank you so much!! What I received is so special. I hope everyone who receives one of your hats appreciates it just as much as I do.


WOW!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for making a dream come true! After 40 years, I finally have, on my head, a real authentic "Herbert Johnson Poet" - Raiders style!!! I must say this fedora is perfect! The color, the shape, the turn, crease, the crown - SPLENDID!!!! A hearty thank you to you and all the staff at HJ! You at HJ made this fantastic fedora, exactly as I pictured it AND the eye for detail is IMPECCABLE! I re-watched the first 10 minutes of Raiders again and all I can say is WOW!!!!! Sincerely and gratitude

K.S. (UK)

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you very very much. Thank you. Thank you. To say I’m pleased is a massive understatement. I am over the moon! I took my Raiders out of the box and put it on. No word of a lie, the sun was shining in and it gave me the Indy profile/shadow, well as close as I’m going to get! I look better in shadow! Thank you again and it was well worth the wait.