military hats

Herbert Johnson is proud of the long-standing relationship held with the Military and armed forces, as purveyors of Military headwear est.1889 in Bond street, London. Generations of Royalty, Dignitaries and Gentlemen of discerning taste, have confidently purchased their head wear form our traditional Mayfair workshops.

Prompted by General Haig's search for a practical, durable, and comfortable hat to serve the forces in the line of duty, Herbert Johnson crafted what became affectionately known as the "Jack Johnson". The method of construction was promptly adopted by hat makers worldwide. In a short period of time the iconic Jack Johnson was adopted by all major regiments.

We honor the Herbert Johnson heritage; all our hats are still made to the same exacting standards by skilled artisans in our central London workshops  As an officer embarking on a career within the Military world, it is with assurance that you know we take that journey with you. At all points throughout your career, we will be there to assist with your hat requirements. Whether that be simply a tidy, a reblock or re ranking. We are conveniently situated within a stone throw from the Guards clubs in central London in the heart of Mayfair.

All our materials are sourced exclusively from within the United Kingdom. We are proactive and proud to support the British craft industries.

Made in England means Made in England.

Please contact Ian Harding with any queries or for further information about Herbert Johnson Military:
+44(0)203 608 2556 – military@herbert-johnson.co.uk