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John Bainbridge (UK)

The hat has arrived. You have done a most remarkable job on a hat I thought beyond redemption. When my wife saw it she thought I had purchased a new one. Thank you so much. This was fantastic service. You must have another life as a magician!

Lily Rivers (UK)

I have just opened the box and tried on the hats. Wow they are absolutely perfect. I honestly can not thank you for your great service enough. Please also thank the Hatter for me. They've done such a fantastic job. Thank you again for all your help.

Brent Roman (USA)

I received my beloved Raiders fedora yesterday, and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of the hard work you put into restoring it to its former glory. I really appreciate the care and dedication you put into it. It looks great!

Thomas Leighton (USA)

My bespoke hat arrived and its simply fantastic. I am absolutely delighted with it. Put simply, it's perfect. The fit is exquisite. It is very comfortable and a pleasure to wear. The felt is wonderful, the feel, look, the weight of it, all just right. The proportions are perfect for me: from crown to brim. I have owned many hats in my lifetime, I've always loved hats - this hat, though, is matchless! If the house were on fire, this is that hat I'd grab as I crawled out the door! Thank you for your craftsmanship and artistry.

Annette Redman (USA)

Thank you for my new fedora. It is now my absolute favorite that I have ever seen or worn. So lightweight, comfortable, and beautiful, it is perfect!!! It means a lot that someone took their time and art and made this with their own hands special, just for me. The brim is outstanding, even better than my expectations and helps immensely with the bright snow. I look forward to buying many more HJ hats over the years.

Fredrick.L.Roan (USA)

I have a tremendous respect for artists, and that, truly, is what you do. Assembly lines can produce hats all day; you add flair and insight into your craft. That, coupled with your appreciation for the source material which inspired the hat* (*Bespoke Crowley hat from 'Good Omens'), made an accessory into art. Looks wonderful! Keep up the fine work.

Dan Payne (UK)

Just received my custom made Batman 89 Jack Nicholson Joker Hat, Wow what can I say, Over the moon with how it turned out, initially I reached out to Herbert Johnson seeking out their help to make me a movie accurate Joker Hat, and these guys blew me away with their enthusiasm to make me this iconic piece of movie history, very efficient and fast at replying when I had query's too, and always kept me updated on progress, an absolute pleasure to deal with, can't wait to get my Raiders Poet now, Thanks so much guys!

Nick Lucas (UK)

I just wanted to say thank you for the magnificent Hat (Last Man Standing replica), which l have collected, and over which l am gloating. You deserve sainthood for such a creation.  The Hat is a stunning example of your craft.  I must buy you a drink to celebrate its creation one day!

Philip Tonner (UK)

The hat (custom Mystery Of The Blues Indy Poet in black) arrived. I want to say that it's a masterpiece. Well done!

Dennis Michael (USA)

I have NEVER, EVER has an experience with a company where they are SO willing to help and answer questions in full length detail. Based on that fact alone I made up my mind that I will buy one of their beautiful hats.... Awesome People!

Greyson Shriver (USA)

The hat arrived early. I couldn't be happier. YOU'RE AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND. Thank you for all your help, all of your advice, and all of your patience. I can't thank you enough!

Alex Klein (USA)

I received my hat today, thank you so much for all your prompt responses to my emails, I really appreciate it. As for the hat, I cannot be any happier with it...The felt is so soft, smells good too :) it fits me perfectly and is extremely comfortable. Thank you so much... a fantastic job! Well worth the wait. Hope to do business with you again.

Michael & Oliver Passer (USA)

I just wanted to let you know that the wonderful Indiana Jones hat was delivered to me yesterday and I gave it to my son this evening. He was absolutely thrilled when he opened the package!!! This is the highest quality hat I have ever seen and he said that it is the “ best hat ever made “. I want to thank you for being so courteous and professional during this entire process! My son and I are so profoundly grateful.

Andy Blackmore (UK)

...I wanted to say more than a simple thank you....not only is your excellent advice comprehensive and easy to understand, but goes way beyond what I'd expected. To call this customers service, is to do you a disservice. If only all companies took such time and made such an effort. But then again, not all are Herbert Johnson and that's probably why your hats are so much more than head-wear. Personally, I think of them as wearable works of art.

Philip Bennett (UK)

I have my hat!!! Oh my God, it's so beautiful. That wide ribbon totally works with the dimensions of the hat. The whisky colour was definitely the right choice. I've given the brim a slanted snap like my other hat and it really works with the beaver felt. Well done for twisting my arm with regards to a twisted knot and flash of black; it looks so unique and eye-catching. I'll send you some photographs soon.

Harry Morley (UK)

I picked up the (bespoke custom reproduction) trilby yesterday and wanted to say that it looks immaculate. thank you so much. It really is just what I wanted. Thank you very much again for being so incredibly helpful.

David Omahen (USA)

I have received my (custom Beaver Havana Blues style) hat and am delighted by both the quality and aesthetics! Thank you for all your help. I look forward to enjoying this fine hat for many years to come.

David Spurring (UK)

Michelle Thanks!!!! The (custom replica 'Thinking') hats you have made are really great! I am very appreciative of your skills. They perfectly resemble the original, and I am very happy and more than a little intrigued as to how you have managed it.

Tim Baker (UK)

Can I just say a HUGE thank you for the season 13 Dr Who Fur Poet you made for me! It is staggeringly amazing!!! I'm so so pleased with it! THANK YOU!

Jared Dickey (USA)

I LOVE getting the #MakingPhotos! It really gives the process such a personal touch. I have to say, even though only maybe half-way through the process, the customer service from yourself, Herbert Johnson and the folks at the shop have been top notch. You have yourself a lifelong client and I haven't even put the hat on yet!

Brian Salit (USA)

I received the masterpiece yesterday. I took my time removing the fedora from the box. Anticipating what's coming together. First I absorbed the purple lining and the leather band with the silver writing. To my absolute satisfaction, I now removed the fedora from the box, flipped it over and there in my hand was a thing of beauty hand crafted. Finally and slowly i placed it on my head, hoping that it was not to tight or loose. with a breath totally relieve and a smile on my face, the Herbert Johnson rested perfectly like a crown. It is splendid in every dimension- the design, fit, quality of the beaver, the snap brim. Excellent job, my compliments to the one who created the piece. Thank you for making the perfect hat that I imagined.


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