traditional hatters


In 1571, English Parliament passed a law requiring all common males over the age 6 years to wear a head covering made of wool, other than a Sunday, by pain of a fine. Only Noblidge, Doctorate or Commissioned officers were permitted to wear a “Hat”.

Hatters are commissioned to craft hats proposed with thought. A hat serves!

Protection, safety, ceremonial, and religious functions. A Gentleman`s badge of office. The hat is the principal indicator of a social rank and status.

The hat represents Authority and Power. The height of the crown denotes status, the brim width, rank. Each hat holding the wear to account. A traditional hat is not worn, the duty of the hat carried with dignity and purpose. A reminder from above to be the best a man can be.

The angle of the brim and the seat of the hat affect posture and sight line. Each element of a traditional hat is considered and employs the wearer to be well prepared for the task at hand.

Herbert Johnson has been the chosen Hatter for Nobility Dignitaries, Doctorates and Commissioned Officers since the 1800`s, experts within the sartorial world of hatting.

A Gentleman can be assured a Herbert Johnson hat will be fit for purpose HIs shooting, walking, and gaming requirements met. His hat of office tailored to his rank and status. His service to God, Crown and Country truly reflected within his chosen headwear.

From punt to Yacht, Village cricket green to Royal Garden parties. Leafy rural lanes to city boulevards Herbert Johnson respectfully supply the hat of office.


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