Herbert Johnson Hatters and Herbert Johnson Traditional brands are members of the Swaine Adeney Brigg Group.  At Swaine Adeney Brigg our policy is to protect our Heritage for future generations. Ensuring we keep our environmental impact to a minimum whilst working within legislative guidelines we seek to maintain and improve the framework we use for our sustainability challenges now and for the future. 

British Industry

The Swaine Adeney Brigg Group are proud to uphold the British traditions of leather working and the making of fine bespoke umbrellas and headwear wherever possible using British sourced raw materials and continuing to support British craftsmen and women in these highly specialized industries. We are  committed to safeguarding these heritage crafting skills and knowledge into the future by fostering new talent and by passing these skills down the generations by training committed apprentices at our factories in England.


Sourcing the highest quality materials and components for our products is of great importance to us.  We invest a great deal of consideration in where we source our materials from, ensuring the environmental and social policies of our supplier's support and comply with all lawful regulations.  We consider building relationships with UK based suppliers for our raw materials as a priority.  We ensure that our paper, card and board packaging is from a recycled source and REACH compliant. We are proud and committed to supporting British manufacturing wherever possible, ensuring that we operate with a minimum environmental impact policy whilst ensuring a healthy future for a historically important British company and its employees.


Customers of the Swaine Adeney Brigg Group are assured in the fact that all of our products are designed and made by hand to last many years of enjoyment.  Our Restoration departments are in constant demand from loyal customers who send us their much loved vintage cases, umbrellas and hats for a ‘service’ or any restoration work as needed.  Whether that is for a clean, feed for the leather, or a repair to components, your item will receive the full care and attention of our highly skilled personnel to assure an extended lifetime for your much loved pieces. Occasionally these items are passed down the generations and we willingly oblige with small repairs to enhance their longevity.  Our full range of Repair & Restoration Services can be found on our websites.

Our Employees

Our staff are encouraged to recycle paper, batteries, cardboard boxes, plastics, aluminium and packaging where appropriate. We use recycled packaging and paper and recycle as much waste as possible. We encourage the efficient use and awareness of energy consumption and promote our policy for protecting our environment with all employees.

The Work Place

In designing and fitting out our new shops the environmental impact is a leading consideration.