Hat Care Guide

To ensure the longevity of your hat we recommend that you observe the care instructions and handling guidelines outlined below. 

Handcrafted Fine Fur Felt Headwear

 CARE: We advise against wearing your hat in heavy rain.  If your fur felt hat does get wet, shake off any excess water and allow to dry naturally placed brim faced down at room temperature.  Never force dry your hat using any form of heat source.  If required, use your hands to gently reinforce the shaping of the crown and brim. When completely dry, lightly brush to clean.

 CLEANING FUR FELT:  Use a soft bristled hat brush (available in store or online soon).  Brush the hat counter-clockwise.  Gently steaming & brushing your fur felt can help lift marks from the felt.  For more advanced cleaning needs and repair work, please consult your hatter.

 HANDLING:  Avoid handling your hat by the crown as you could wear out the front pinch.  Holding your hat by the brim is the best way to handle any hat.  Storing your hat in a hat box prevents dust from accumulating on the fur felt and provides protection from sun damage and from being crushed.  Storing your hat with a hat-jack or mould inside that approximates your head size/shape can be a useful way to store your hat and allow it to further conform to your head shape whilst not in use.  Never leave your hat in a hot car as this can fade the felt & ribbon and can also age the leather sweatband.

 HAT REFURBISHMENT SERVICES: With proper care and attention your Herbert Johnson bespoke handcrafted hat should last you many years.  However, with regular use it is expected that a hat may over time benefit from some professional maintenance even when well cared for.  We offer a range of reblocking and refurbishment packages here at Herbert Johnson Hatters and we are always happy to discuss your requirements with you directly, so please do not hesitate to contact us at the below email addresses.

Civilian Hatting Workshop : workshop@herbert-johnson.co.uk
Herbert Johnson Hatters Enquiries : enquiries-hj@herbert-johnson.co.uk