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Swaine Adeney Brigg - London's celebrated makers of leathergoods and accessories since 1750

A gentleman came to the Swaine Adeney Brigg shop in some distress, telling of an unfortunate accident in which his treasured attaché case had been all but destroyed and he had been told the chances of repair were extremely slim. ‘But,’ he had exclaimed, ‘it’s my Swaine Adeney!’ The brand’s specialist leatherworkers were duly summoned and the expertly restored case returned to the customer as a gift to thank him for his custom over the years.

This charming story not only speaks volumes about the true character of Swaine Adeney Brigg but also illustrates the depth of affection shown to the brand by its loyal clientele. The story of Swaine Adeney began in 1750 as the makers of fine driving, riding and hunting whips. The brand soon received the first of many Royal Warrants, starting from King George III for the supply of carriage driving whips. As the advent of railways meant fewer horse-drawn vehicles, Swaine Adeney moved towards creating fashionable riding accessories and products for hunting. The subsequent introduction of the motor car duly provided an opportunity to diversify into luggage.

Swaine Adeney Brigg was founded in 1750 and still enjoys an exceptionally loyal clientele today.

In 1942 Swaine Adeney merged with royal umbrella makers, Brigg and Sons. In the following years, the famous hatters, Herbert Johnson, and luggage manufacturers, Papworth Travel Goods, were added to the group. Today the company’s workshops are based in Cambridgeshire and Norfolk, while its shop in Piccadilly Arcade remains close to its roots. A second shop opens early in 2019. Customers are just as happy to telephone the London store as go to the website to place an order and the brand’s bespoke services now mean that all lines can be personalised in terms of design, colour and shape, with the added touch of embossing or engraving.

The company’s keen commitment to making the finest British products is testament to the team of hardworking and dedicated individuals who honour past traditions of British style while keeping an eye on the future. The brand is currently working on a collection of intricate sterling silver-topped dress canes, due to make a timely comeback. The silver terminals are being produced using a lost wax technique in a specialist British foundry before being completed at the Brigg workshop by the company’s dress cane specialist.

Film directors and costume designers frequently call upon Swaine Adeney Brigg to complement the outfits of their stars.

Film producers, directors and costume designers frequently call upon Swaine Adeney Brigg to complement the outfits of their stars and to give an accurate representation of a truly stylish British individual. The Bond case used by Sean Connery in the film From Russia With Love is still made today (without the secret armoury inside, however). More recently Swaine Adeney Brigg made the secret weapon umbrella used by Colin Firth’s character in the British film Kingsman. Herbert Johnson has supplied hats to many screen icons, from Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau to Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. Unsurprisingly, the Indiana Jones ‘Poet’ hat is still in great demand today. Swaine Adeney Brigg excitedly anticipate their next adventures.

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