About The Swaine Group

Swaine stands for British handcrafted luxury goods & accessories of the highest quality. Over the years, many manufacturers of the finest requisites have joined forces to provide unparalleled and quintessentially British service.


SWAINE – Founded as a whip makers business, it has since expanded to become a highly regarded producer of quality handcrafted luxury leather goods. Swaine has served Royalty, the Nobility and Gentry since 1750.


BRIGG – Established in 1836, merging with Swaine in 1943. The Brigg umbrella is famous for its high quality and a long history supplying Royal Families, Prime Ministers and distinguished ladies & gentlemen worldwide. Today, Brigg continues to craft the finest bespoke umbrellas and remains the only manufacturer to offer silk canopies to its Clients.


HERBERT JOHNSON – Founded in 1889, the company has always stood for quality, craftsmanship and classic styling. Makers of the highest quality handcrafted bespoke headwear. Herbert Johnson has served the world’s elite and stars of the silver screen. Most renowned for the ‘Poet’ style famously worn by Mr. Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones and David Bowie in ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth.’ Herbert Johnson became part of the Swaine Group in 1996 but enjoyed a renaissance in late 2017 under a new management team. Set on returning the brand to its core roots, values, skills, and empowered knowledge of British heritage handcrafted hat making at its new in-house bespoke hatting workshop.  


HERBERT JOHNSON MILITARY HEADWEAR – Founded in 1889 and joining the Swaine Group in 1996, Herbert Johnson Military is the provider of fine military uniform and dress hats, caps & berets. A bespoke service is available for most types of uniform headwear. Best known for its practical and innovative design, the ‘floating bevel’ style hats used in World War I remain the cap of choice to this day.


HERBERT JOHNSON LONDON – Becoming part of the Swaine Group in 2018, the newly re-christened team bring a prestigious heritage of fine hardened felt hatting under their former name of Patey Hats that can trace its history back to 1695. Makers of fine handcrafted bespoke headwear, including top hats, bowler hats, flat caps, traditional riding hats and uniform headwear for the service industry, hotels, chauffeurs and more. They also continue their traditional role as providers of the London Lord Mayor’s ceremonial tricorn. Herbert Johnson commissioned Patey’s Hats to create Patrick Macnee’s famous Steed bowler hat for the original 1961 British TV series ‘The Avengers’.



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