Hats For Life

When one buys one invests.  The mission here at Herbert Johnson is to craft beautiful bespoke hats with both character and personality that stand the test of time.

Herbert Johnson offers ensures that the entire hat-making process is personal and as in-depth as one wishes to go.  Read below to discover more about what we believe makes Herbert Johnson headwear so special...

HANDCRAFTED IN BRITAIN - Whilst we love doing business with suppliers worldwide we rely on local UK skill and craftsmanship to bring those supplies to life with each bespoke order. We have several teams of skilled makers producing our wide variety of headwear models working across the United Kingdom. Hat making is experiencing new life in these current times and we are proud to be keeping skilled British hatmaking traditions alive.
QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE - Every hat starts it's life as a collection of chosen materials and components. Our priority here at Herbert Johnson Hatters is first and foremost QUALITY! In order to produce the very highest quality, hand-made, long-lasting beautiful headwear we choose the highest quality materials and components available to us. We continuously aim to seek out the very best supplies and components for making our bespoke hats and use suppliers from both in the UK and from around the world. The best felt and leather are sourced mainly from Europe and much of our ribbons and woven fabrics are from the UK.
HANDCRAFTED, NOT FACTORY PRESSED - We have chosen to move away from mass manufacturing and a heavy reliance on machinery and return to hand crafting using traditional skills with a focus on detailing. The step from hand made bespoke to mass production on larger scales normally comes with a price. Quality is often compromised in one or several ways in order to produce more and bring costs down per item. Machines take over tasks in a cold unattentive manner where before a craftsperson would pour over their work with passion. Much can be lost in the gap between. When you buy a hand crafted item you can be sure that your maker has poured intimately over each detail. Their hands have brought your investment to life with care and attention. Mass blocking by machine can produce an unmistakable uniform shaping to a mass of hats and looks completely at odds with the look and feel of a hand blocked and shaped crown.
HANDSEWN, NOT MACHINE STITCHED - Stitching with fine needles by hand rather than perforating with a machine needle makes all the difference in the longevity of the felt. A hand stitched hat will inevitably last longer through countless reblocking and refurbishment when looked after. Machine stitched hats run the risk of tearing when reblocked as the machine needles leave a pronounced perforation line which weakens the felt. Tacking machines would be used in mass production to visibly punch the ribbon band in place rather than the fine needles used by hand in placing delicate stitches in a considered manner. If you choose hand made and hand stitched your hat will last longer given the same care of a factory machine stitched hat.
COMPLETELY BESPOKE CUSTOM SERVICE - Every hat we make is crafted to order by hand. When you order from our website your hat will be created to your specifications and desires to order. When you visit our shop to place an order we make your hat also completely bespoke to your specifications. If you want something different from what you see online or in store then please do contact us and we would be delighted to create with you to realise your desires. We like to call this our #yourhatyourway service!